The Brand

MEDICEUTICS® is a brand name that sounds like the logical answer to the technical, societal and economical evolutions of aesthetic medicine. Created thanks to the encounter of two French scientists, MEDICEUTICS® is a link between the search for real efficacy and the notion of inherent pleasure that goes with the use of a cosmetic product.

Recent studies have shown that 85% of women now look for “medical efficacy” when buying a cosmetic. This is the reason why to develop its products MEDICEUTICS® chose a different approach as compared to the other brands : it uses channels by which the wishes, the needs, and the hopes of women are, after validation by the doctors, transmitted to R&D to elaborate the corresponding formulae. For that reason, we value the following : medical ethic, formulae safety, ingredient efficacy validated by medical and scientific publications, objective claims, high-end packagings, ….    

For those reasons, the laboratory owner of the brand MEDICEUTICS® has been contacted by major pharmaceutical laboratories for exclusive joint project that allowed to test some of our products on thousands of volunteers.

The MEDICEUTICS® brand is naturally sold through the pharmacies or, depending on the applicable regulation through other kind of medicalized environment (clinics, medical spas, private offices, …). It is clearly positioning as high-end and premium products for medical beauty.

MEDICEUTICS®: the 10 key points

  • short yet concise brand
  • the one and only doctors’ brand : 100% made in france, 100% unisex
  • home products concieved as aesthetic medical procedure in a cream
  • the most demanded product category by consumers
  • the most growing segment and most profitable product category for the retailers
  • clinically approved formula
  • the best of the most efficient active ingredients
  • high tolerance formulae
  • airless packagings to guarantee a long-term efficacy and safety of the formulae
  • several distribution channels : pharmacy, clinics, doctor’s office...
Presentation of the cosmetic brand Mediceutics®